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  • Guo Grenaditte Treble flute in key of G- Professional Model 301

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    G major
    Grenaditte headjoint and body
    Weight:197g / 6.7oz
    Hand cut embouchure
    Ergonomics modified for larger hands
    Undercut tone holes for accurate intonation
    Includes case, shoulder bag and cleaning rod

    The Grenaditte Treble Flute is the perfect G flute for the professional musician looking to improve tonal quality while simultaneously reducing instrument weight and enhancing feedback in a way not possible with traditional metal flutes. The material used in the Grenaditte line was engineered and developed by Geoffrey Guo and only available from Guo Musical Instrument Company. Simply put, Grenaditte is an advanced composite material that is very dense but extremely light weight. The tone from one of our Grenaditte flutes can be described as 30% wood, 30% metal, and 40% Guo. The Grenaditte line truly has a sound of its own.This is Grenaditte. This is the FUTURE.