Celebrating 20 years selling Flutes around the World!

The Flute Farm began years ago and was the first company in the US to bring to market the famous "Guo Grenaditte Flute".  The first time I picked up a flute at the age of 14, I was hooked for life. With a fascination for the intricate keys and mechanisms, combined with the beautiful sounds that were created by this instrument I fell in love.  After only 6 months of playing, I heard "Flight of the Bumblebee" played on a Piccolo, and I was instantly entranced....I borrowed a school mates piccolo and practiced that piece after school everyday for 2 months... at our next school concert, I came up in front of the band and a piano accompanied me to play this piece on my new hand-me-down piccolo, to which my bandmates and the audience gave me my first standing ovation.  It was after this that I became obsessed with every type of flute and piccolo that was ever made; and of course I had to get my hands on each one.  I got an after school job and bought my first instruments, after having played them for a while, I wanted to step up to something better... this is where my young entrepreneurial mind began putting together a plan to sell my instruments while continuing to upgrade and purchase new ones... this started at the age of 17.  Decades later, I have been selling flutes and piccolos globally to flutists that want to change up, step up or simply purchase their first instrument.  My goal has always been to provide a great value and offer discounts to growing musicians so that they are able to play on high end instruments. I'm very lucky to have found a passion for the flute at an early age; playing in numerous concert and symphonic bands, all while using my extensive flute knowledge to apply it to my business. 

Please enjoy "the Flute Farm" and thank you for your patronage.


Robert Strouf Jr.