The Flute Farm ...Original Home of the Guo Grenaditte Flute in the US

"Stone" Series Model SS

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Kakulin Flutes are handcrafted by artisan flute makers that have built outstanding flutes for decades.  With this model you will be playing a flute that meets and exceeds the demands of any student or intermediate player... perfect for High School or College players looking for a precision mechanism with a hand cut headjoint that produces superior tone quality. 

Nickel silver Body - Silver Plating (t=12μ)
925 Sterling Silver Head joint 
Nickel silver Key Material - Silver Plating  (t=12μ)
Split E Mechanism
Low B Foot joint 
Drawn Tone Holes
Open Holes [with plugs]
Offset G Key
Stainless Springs

Instrument Assembly Set

A: Accessory Envelope

B: Guarantee of Quality

C: Accessory Envelope

D: Owner's Manual

E: Silver Polishing Cloth

F: Alcohol Swab

G: Cotton Fiber Cloth

H: Cleaning Rod

I: Name Tag

J: Microfiber Cloth